Design Doing. Human-centric.

yasashii provides services and consulting in human-centred design and customer experience strategy.

yasashii enhances inhouse UX and CX practice and helps teams and organisations to become more design-smart and customer-focused.

  • two decades of hands-on experience in strategy and execution of usability engineering, UX & CX
  • strong focus on b2b, enterprise, and technology innovation space
  • multi-angle background: experience in agencies, as contractor, in R&D, and in defining and managing the global UX strategy in a global corporation
  • well-versed in UX for regulated environments
  • experienced trainer, moderator, coach

You will like yasashii's pragmatic, transparent and highly-collaborative working style.

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Usability Engineering & UX Consulting


Flexible and scalable human-centred design activities for the scale and needs of your project.

  • quantitative & qualitative user research, e.g. surveys, VoCs, contextual inquiry and interviews, journal studies, field observations, eye tracking
  • quick analytical usability reviews and inspections, e.g. heuristic evaluations, cognitive walkthroughs
  • empirical usability & UX assessments, e.g. formative and summative usability testing, benchmark studies
  • rapid prototyping & interaction design, e.g. storyboards, style guides, clickable prototypes
  • documentation, e.g. user requirements specs, interaction and user interface style guides and specifications


  • Achieve a good usability and user experience. Systematically.
  • Assess & improve the UX and CX of your solution.
  • Harness complexity. Prioritize requirements & gain focus.
  • Reduce user-related project risks, and improve user-acceptance.
  • You get a pragmatic approach that fits your needs.

Embed & Grow UX Capabilities


Individually tailored mix of:

  • awareness-sessions and change management activities
  • training curriculum
  • establishing best practices & show cases
  • establishing tools, methodology, processes, and staff according to your organisational context and requirements
  • coaching of UX roles and ambassadors
  • development of your individual UX strategy-playbook


  • Accelerate and strengthen your UX team's impact.
  • Have all the right skills, knowledge, processes, and tools inhouse.
  • Become more customer-& user-centric.
  • Future-proof your business.

Customer-Centric Innovation


From the first idea generation workshop to the final design specification and to the actual introduction of a new solution: yasashii applies a combination of tools, knowledge & skills from various disciplines and backgrounds, such as

  • design thinking
  • human-centred design
  • business analysis & requirements engineering
  • innovation management
  • change management


  • Discover, create & evaluate innovative digital solutions & services.
  • Engage your team and customers in a skill- and team-building experience.
  • Re-direct multidisciplinary knowledge & experiences towards creative problem solving.
  • Through the combination of Design Thinking and Design Doing (HCD & usability engineering), great ideas actually end up as easy-to-understand and well-accepted solutions.
  • Mitigate acceptance risks & succeed with your digital transformation project.

Usability-Training & Beyond


  • UX, CX, usability training
  • beginner to expert level
  • role-specific focus: ux professionals, project managers, business analysts, requirements engineers, SMEs, solution architects, developers, or upper management.
  • 3h up to 4 days
  • 6 to 20 participants
  • on your premises or in a suitable location close to you
  • certification preparation


  • Build and enhance your UX expertise.
  • Work with an experienced trainer.
  • Learn from tons of real-life examples and engage in hands-on exercises to practice new skills.
  • Get a training that is adapted to your industry context and specific challenges of various roles.


This step is yours! What is your current challenge? Let's start a dialog on how yasashii can support you and your business.

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